Mix listening with action to create marketing magic!

We hear about it all the time; brands need to listen.

Why? Because people are talking. They may be talking TO YOU, ABOUT YOU or ABOUT SOMETHING YOU BOTH CARE ABOUT. If you spend too much time talking rather than listening, you will lose opportunities to create magic; the type of magic that endears someone to your brand.

My wife went to a small high school in Bethlehem, PA – Moravian Academy. And like many high schools today, the school uses social media to connect with alums and keep them up to date with the school community. A few days ago, my wife commented on a post on the school’s Facebook page that the smell of Moravian beeswax candles always remind her of Vespers at school. 

For the uninformed like me, I learned that Vespers is a Moravian Christmas tradition. The community gets together at the chapel during the Christmas season to sing holiday music. And, in everyone’s hand is a beeswax candle “dressed” with a special red paper trim for the traditional Christmas Vespers held in Central Moravian Church.

Yesterday, a small thin package arrived at our home addressed to my wife. It was from the director of alumni relations at her high school. Inside were two beeswax candles dressed in red with a little note. Magic!

Vespers Candles

The alumni relations director had not only taken the time to follow the conversation on Facebook (something all of us should do for our brands), but went the extra mile and took action. She could have easily just easily responded to my wife’s comment on the page. But instead, she picked up a pen, wrote a note and sent my wife a piece of her school experience – the beeswax candles. And the result…Magic!

Not only did the gesture strike a chord with my wife, but now I’m writing about Moravian Academy and will be sharing the experience with others. And it will go beyond the good words that we have for the school; we’re now committed to giving back to her alma mater. Not a bad return on investment for the school.

So kudos to the alumni director!

Let’s all find ways to do a little more actively listening and try to find those opportunities where we can take action and strengthen the relationships between our brand and its communities.


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