The Marketer v. Fragmentum Chronicles: Battle for integration and focus (part 1)


Batman has the Joker.

Superman has Lex Luthor.

The X-Men have The Brotherhood.

The Marketer has Fragmentum.

Yes, Fragmentum. The evil villain who’s sole purpose in life is to disorient Marketer’s ability to develop and execute holistic approaches by throwing more and more channels to reach audiences.

Born of technology and innovation, Fragmentum entered the scene decades ago. While at first a friend of Marketer, providing him with new channels to reach Marketer’s target audiences (broadcast TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail), Fragmentum started going overboard. Fragmentum’s modus operandi became “more is better.”

The villain’s power has more recently been seen disorienting Marketer and pulling him away from using targeted channels, and closer to disintegration – using more and more channels just because they exist. Marketer faces fragmentation of the channel landscape.

For the last decade Fragmentum has tossed dozens upon dozens of shiny new digital channels in front of Marketer, tempting him to try them all: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, microblogs, apps, QR codes, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, digital billboards, email, cable TV, Orkut.

The temptation for Marketer is huge.

Despite knowing how important it is to utilize his finite resources (time, money, people) in a strategic way and focusing on high value channels, Marketer sometimes gets caught jumping into new channels without thinking through his strategy. He is drawn to the new channels without thinking through how all of the channels work together to achieve the ultimate goal of connecting with his audiences.

In some cases, Marketer doesn’t even know why he’s using a particular digital too/channel, or how it works with the others to reach a goal. He’s blindsided by Fragmentum; attracted by the novelty and the buzz of new channels. 

Could this spell defeat for Marketer, as he is spread too thin? Will he be unable to figure out what channels work best together to meet his goals.

Marketer most go back to his roots. He is trained in the art and science of identifying the optimal channels to reach his target, and then creating an integrated approach. He must make informed decisions to battle against “more is better.”

So what will Marketer do to regain focus and integrate the optimal channels?

Find out in part 2 of the Marketer v. Fragmentum Chronicles.


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